Where We Work

Un Mundo is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a comprehensive and revolutionary approach to development work. Our mission is to promote dignity, community, and self-sufficiency while facilitating access to health care, education, and livable wages in marginalized communities. 

Un Mundo partners with Honduran villages that are largely made up of historically oppressed peoples, who have had little if any institutional contact, are often illiterate, and are predominantly subsistence agriculturists. Un Mundo places human potential at the center of our understanding of under-development. We view under-development simply as the deprivation of basic capabilities, and view development work as the expansion of those freedoms that improve human well-being.

Each of our programs has a pedagogical dimension designed to engender an understanding of the causes and effects of underdevelopment, and the necessity of collective action in combating that underdevelopment. Since our 1995 beginnings as an association of spontaneous efforts focused on the Honduran north coast community of El Pital, we have evolved into an organization with depth and vision.

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