The Un Mundo family is comprised of many experienced, dynamic and dedicated people all working to further the visions and goals of the organization.

Staff Members

Denis Espinal, Executive Director, since 2016 (formerly Program Director, 2010–2016)
Tatiana Tijerino, Development Director, since 2016
Walter Banegas, Project Coordinator, since 2012
Gerson Gonzáles, Project Coordinator, since 2015 (formerly Special Needs Volunteer)
Lourdes Ponce, Literacy and Library Coordinator, since 2013
Margaret Hutz, Administrative Coordinator, since 2000

Board of Directors 

Tim Watson, Co-Founder (U.S.A.), since 2002
Paul O'Hainle (U.S.A.), since 2009
Colleen O'Holleran (U.S.A.), since 2012
Pete Noll (U.S.A.), since 2012
Elliott Martin (U.S.A.), since 2016
Gerardo Yanez (Honduras), since 2014
Isis Castro (Honduras), since 2014
Roberto Córdova (Honduras), since 2014
Merary Gonzáles (Honduras), since 2014
Banessa González (Honduras), since 2016
Oscar Gómez (Honduras), since 2016
Juan Velázquez (Honduras), since 2016
Joel Tabora (Honduras), since 2016

Our Supporters, Partners & Friends

Click above to read about the following organizations have advanced the work of Un Mundo through their generous financial, technical and in-kind support over the years.

Former Volunteers, Staff and Board Members

Ken Hutz, Founder, Former Director and Board Member, since 2000
Amanda Blewitt, Executive Director, 2015–2016
Elly Goetz, Executive Director, 2007–2015
Rob Tuebner, Co-Director and Board of Directors Member, 2007–2012
Elias Dubón, Project Coordinator, 2010–2015
Adonis Ponce, Literacy Promoter, 2015
Melvin Reyes, Literacy Promoter, 2015
Danny Perez, Literacy Promoter, 2011–2013
Denny Perez, Literacy Promoter, 2011–2013
Karen Ashmore, Grant Writer, 2013–2016
Claudia Leiva, Board of Directors Member, 2014–2016
Jamie Rezmovits, Un Mundo Board Chair, 2009–2012
Joshua Spetter, Board of Directors Member, 2009–2013 
Rachel McIntire, Board of Directors Member and Volunteer, 2003–2012
Nathan Johnston, Board of Directors Member, 2009–2012
Adalid Banegas, Special Needs Project Coordinator, 2010–2012
Mario Lobo, Special Needs & Program Assistant, 2010–2013
Eldy Cárcamo, Scholar and Project Coordinator, 2011–2013
Benjamin Henle, 2010–2011 
Marisa Jahn, since 2004
Brian Goetz, since 2009
Maureen Taylor, 2009
Melissa Bride, since 2002
Meredith Ferrill & Evan Cauble-Johnson, since 2008
Kate Veneer and Adonis Lobo
Santos Mendez and Maria Dolores Peña, Office Maintenance Manager, 2007–2012
Kency Cantillano, Art and Cultural Festival Coordinator & Practicum, 2010–2011
Durkis Acosta,
Library Project & Practicum, 2011
Xiomara Cruz,
Practicum Student, 2011
Duany Meraz,
Practicum Student, 2011
Mauricio Pinto,
Practicum Student, 2011
Carl Smith Hunnicutt,
Heather Clark,
Alicia Banegas,
Practicum Student, 2010
Kendra Curry, 2005
Dan Keane, 2005
Lise Winters, 2004
Ronald Reinds, 2004
Holly Meyers
April Watson