Durkis Acosta, Practicum Student


dis.jpgDurkis was born in the town of Tres   Marias, Yoro. She   currently lives in El Pital, Atlántida with her parents Juan Pablo  and Rovertina, and her four siblings. She is very hard working, having worked part time to put herself through elementary school. When she finished elementary school, she decided she wanted to continue her studies. Her family moved to El Pital after hearing of a new vocational public high school that was opening there. Today, she is 23 years old and is finishing her senior year in this vocational high school. She is very active and involved in community projects and development work, having participated in the Guaruma organization, where she learned English, photography and computer skills. Through this same organization, she traveled to Vienna, Austria as an exchange volunteer to do work at the Vienna Youth Center and learn about other cultures. She is also currently a practicum student at Un Mundo, working with the library and special education projects, as well as helping with administrative tasks. She is very excited about graduating high school in November, because although finishing her studies hasn’t been easy, she has never given up and is determined to be successful in life.