Marcela Reyes, Development and Communications Director

Coming from a family of a humble background, Marcela has experienced the impact an opportunity and education can have in someone’s life and is a fervent advocate of working to provide more opportunities in a country that desperately needs them. She was born and raised in La Ceiba, Honduras, which allowed her to witness at first hand the level of poverty and the living conditions millions of people in Honduras live in. She spent most of her holidays in various rural towns around Honduras, where she developed love for the field, rural settings and the cheerful and unassuming people that live in these communities. Through these experiences and others such as volunteering her summers in the local special education schools, rehabilitation centers and social popular movements, she developed a strong call to action at an early age. She graduated from Florida International University with a BA in International Relations with a concentration in International Development. She has worked for international development agencies, such as USAID, and smaller non-profit organizations based in La Ceiba and is dedicated to working for the progress of the Honduran people. She currently spends half her time in La Ceiba and the other half in El Pital.