Mauricio Pinto, Practicum Student


mpl.jpgMauricio was born in Las Palmas, Copan. He lived there with his family until Hurricane Mitch hit in 1998 and his father immigrated to the United States, leaving his older brother in charge of their family. His father barely helped his family and with time he completely distanced himself from them. After a visit from his grandmother who lived in Las Mangas, Atlántida, his mother decided to move to Atlántida to be closer to her family. In 2002, they moved to La Muralla, Atlántida, where they lived for three years. His family was forced to move to El Pital, after a drunken man came into their home and hurt Mauricio. He started elementary school in Copan but finished in the public school in La Muralla. He started the public vocational high school in El Pital and is currently a senior. He also participated in the afterschool programs of a non-profit organization called Guaruma, where he took computer, English, photography and environmental classes. He likes to fish, hunt and play soccer. In his free time, he likes to farm and work the land. Currently, he is a practicum student at Un Mundo, where he is learning a lot about community development work and is becoming a better professional.