Getting Our Feet Wet by Elly Goetz

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After six months of planning, we (Rob and Elly) finally arrived in Honduras.  The minute we stepped off the plane
we’ve had a plethora of resources being offered to us from many like-minded individuals working in the River Valley.
This has made our transition much easier.
While getting our feet wet, we decided to rent a small room in the nearby city of La Ceiba.  We are sharing an
apartment with a young Honduran couple that just welcomed their first child into the world.  We also have two
university scholarship recepients living with us whom are from Las Mangas, a neighboring town of El Pital.
Anxious to complete the Un Mundo building, we spent the first few weeks running around the city going from one
hardware store to the next looking for the best prices for all the materials needed.  La Ceiba has very few street
signs or addresses so finding specific stores also turned into an orienteering mission, but it was a good way to be
acquinted with the city.

Amongst the chaos of being in transition, we have still managed to find a little down time to take a swim in the
river and make friends in El Pital or go to the mall and watch a movie while in La Ceiba.

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