High School — Phase 1 Completion by Elly Goetz

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Upon arriving in El Pital, Rob and Elly were pleasantly surprised to find the first phase of the high school project
almost complete.

Two new classrooms and a new office for the administration only required minor details before completion.  The new
classrooms are much larger, with lots of natural light and high ceilings to provide the much-needed ventilation with
all the heat.
Mid-March Elly and Rob had two important meetings to evaluate the high school project, one with the high school
transparency committee and another with the larger community of El Pital.  Both meetings were incredibly informative
and generated new ideas to improve the current process and better involve and inform the community.
The community meeting was also an exciting opportunity for Elly and Rob to introduce themselves to the community and
facilitate more open communication between the director and the larger community.  They look forward to
collaboratively implementing the ideas generated by the community throughout the second phase.  The second Phase
will be breaking ground within the first few weeks of April.

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