Un Mundo Building — Progress with Setbacks by Robert Tuebner

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When we entered the abandoned building our first week in Honduras we often were asking ourselves, “Where do we
begin?”  Six weeks later we are still asking the same question, even after much progress.  The first two weeks we
scrubbed all the mud and bat feces off the floor and started clearing the area where we planned to construct the
shower.  As soon as we began to make some progress, the rain came unrelentess for four straight days.  Finally, the
rain stopped and we returned to the building to find all of our work ruined.  The house flooded with water, there
was a mini landslide behind the building, which piled up on the area we had previous cleared for the shower.  But we
didn’t let the bad luck hold us back.  The next day we started working on our composting toilet, which has been an
object of oddity to those helping us, and at moments, to us as well.  But we hope that once it is complete it can be
used as a model in the community as a sustainable latrine option for human waste management and a way to improve
water quality in the River Valley.

Obtaining electricity has been another challenge in this rather remote location.  But after many obstacles, we are
excited to report that today a transformer is being installed that will be able to power the Un Mundo building and
the surrounding homes of our neighbors.
We have been making a lot of progress so far, but we’ve had a lot of set backs as well, although, this gives us all
the more reason to celebrate our small successes, such as the steps to the back door, a wash basin, and the kitchen
sink, which were recently completed and even more noteworthy, have running water.

We hope to be able to be in the building full-time by the first week in April.  In the meantime, we are enjoying
camping out a few times a week and getting closely acquainted with the current residents, the bats and scorpions.

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    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for potsnig!

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