El Pital High School Update by Robert Tuebner

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The new High School in El Pital has made incredible progress; the second phase is just about finished with only
small details required before classes can be held in the new three-classroom building.  We’ve run into obstacles
with the price of building materials constantly rising, although, the Director/contractor has found ways to cut
costs and finish the project on budget.

Community participation with this project is necessary in order for the funding to come through so the Transparency
Committee, whose job is to make sure money is being spent wisely, has also made it a priority to organize the people
of El Pital and the surrounding communities to donate labor to the school.  On August 8th, 45 people from the
community came out and volunteered their time from 5am to 6pm in order to lay the roof.

With the recent additions to the High School the number of students have increased, leading the Ministry of
Education to allocate funds for more teachers and for the formation of a career specific education (trade school).
Students at the High School will now have the opportunity to learn many skills that were previously only offered in
the city of La Ceiba.  Classes offered at the school include electrical engineering, carpentry, metallurgy, computer
literacy and home education.
Following the completion of the first phase of the project the Departmental Chair for the Ministry of Education came
out to the community of El Pital to inaugurate the formation of the trade school.  The town of El Pital and
surrounding communities are excited for the improved educational system in the Cangrejal River Watershed.

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