El Pital Pilot Community Survey by Robert Tuebner

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We’ve had a busy couple of months, during April and May; we worked hard on a community survey to assess the needs in
the towns of El Pital and La Lucinda.  We surveyed every single house in both communities, gathering census, needs,
and assets data, a task no other local organization had ever done.  Visiting every house in El Pital was a fun but
daunting task.  Many people were so welcoming and forth-giving with information, which sometimes made it difficult
to leave.
Mapping El Pital with local kids to prepare for implementing survey
We’re compiling the data as I write this, so keep an eye out in the near future for the results on our website.
Once we obtain GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software we plan on mapping the areas of assessment.  We feel
that this information will be beneficial when applying for grants and when writing reports on the work we do.  We
plan on surveying one more community before the year is over and three in the coming year.  With these results we
plan on developing programs in the villages farther up and down the valley based on the needs identified by each
Rob Tuebner, Un Mundo Co-Director

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