Progress with the Un Mundo Building by Robert Tuebner

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It’s been seven months since Elly and I arrived in Honduras to begin working in the Cangrejal Watershed.  During our
time here we’ve witnessed many changes to the Un Mundo building, we’ve had some set backs but we’ve also had some
pleasant surprises.  Our next major project is constructing a retaining wall below the building so that when the
rains come in October all the hard work will not be destroyed.

The building looks great though, the interior is painted, there’s a full kitchen, a composting toilet, an outdoor
shower, an office and the most recent addition was a much needed fan.

Getting electricity connected to the house was difficult to say the least, but after hassling the electrical company
and having to deal with the bureaucratic paperwork, a team finally came out and connected us to the grid.  The new
high school students who recently began their electricity program have been kind enough to come out on their
Saturdays and donate their time to wire the inside of the building.

Now with the building is pretty much finished and our lives some what in order, we’ve been able to concentrate on
much more important issues around the work Un Mundo does in the River Valley.
Rob Tuebner, Un Mundo Co-Director

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