Last Days in Honduras by Robert Tuebner

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After two and a half years of working and living in rural Honduras I can’t believe my time to move back to the U.S
has come so soon. We’ve accomplished so much in the time I’ve been in El Pital but there’s still so much to do. The
friendships I’ve made throughout the seven communities in the Cuenca Cangrejal have taught me valuable life lessons
that I think you can only learn while living in these sometimes difficult circumstances. I’m moving back to the
States in order to pursue a Masters degree in Sustainable International Development, with the hopes to continue this
line of work in the future. I feel confident that many of the issues I’ve had to deal with down in Honduras will not
only help other students in school but I’m sure their experiences will give me new insight into the problems
affecting the communities on the Northern Coast of Honduras.Being with Un Mundo has been an amazing experience, I’m lucky tohave had the opportunity to be apart of an unique
organization with an incredible group of people to support all of the projects we implement on the ground.

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