High School Project Update

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In early 2011, the project has had some set-backs in restarting the construction of the workshops because there were some discrepancies between the amounts disbursed by the Minke Foundation and the actual budget of the construction. The projected retirement of the high school director, Professor Oscar Gomez, who had supervised all the other phases of the construction, has also set back the execution of the new construction phase. In preparation for Professor Gomez’s departure, the transparency committee was strengthened through the incorporation of new members to have a wider representation of all the communities in the Cangrejal Valley. Previously, the transparency committee consisted of four members and they were all from El Pital. Currently, the committee consists of the following members: Ramon Acosta, who is also the president of the local governing body of Las Mangas, Camilo López, Julio Anchecta, who is in charge of supervising the latest construction phase, and Ermelito Rivera, who is the president of the parent association of the high school, from Las Mangas; Ramón Andino, who is president of the local governing body of El Pital, Ramón Lobo, Carmindo Banegas y Antonio Fúnez all from El Pital; Jorge Castro from Yaruca and finally Patricia Cárcamo from Toncontin, who is the secretary of the local governing body of Toncontin and a member of the parent committee in the Un Mundo special education program.
The transparency committee has received workshops on various subjects from Un Mundo, such as developing work plans and governing rules by which the committee is run, how to make smart purchases, and how to get quotes from different companies. The group has demonstrated much dedication, responsibility, commitment and enthusiasm in each of the tasks that has been assigned to them, which assures us the project will be successful. The transparency committee meets every Friday at 4:00 pm. The committee hopes to break ground on the next phase by the end of April 2011.

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