Library Project Update

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The library Project is working hard on the story-time and library-bandit (bibliobandido) program. The first Sunday of every month, story time takes place with all the children from El Pital; the third Saturday of every month, the bibliobandido takes place in a different isolated community in the Cangrejal Valley. It should be noted that bibliobandido program is lead by a young woman that is part of the library committee and by three young boys from El Pital all encouraged by the story time program in El Pital. One of the youth leaders in El Pital plays the role of a policeman and another library members, Koqui Aguilleer plays the role of the bibliobandido.
The library bandit took place in the community of Los Limpios in January, the community of La Lucha in February, and the community of Nueva Suyapa in March.
The library’s board of directors is represented by both experience and youth which gives it balance and harmony for the group. The board of directors is set up in the following order:
  • President: Doris Jovel
  • Vice President: Ramon Andino
  • Secretary: Zenia Funez
  • Treasurer: Antonio Funez
  • Fiscal: Lourdes Ponce
  • Vocal Lecturer: Durkis Acosta
  • Youth Vocal: Alex Ortiz
  • Technical Vocal: Ingrid Funez
  • Communications Vocal: Jorge Alvarenga
Besides establishing a functioning and supportive committee, the board of directors has been working to legalize the property title where the library will be built; as well as running a fundraising auction for a bicycle in January.
As an initiative of the project and the library committee, an effort has been made to establish a closer relationship with the parents and kinder garden teacher in order to have greater strength to reach the goals of the project. This has been done because the property where the library will be built is where the kinder garden currently exists. Therefore, plans for a two story building have been in the works, so that kinder garden will be reconstructed and located on the first floor and and the upper, second floor will hold the library.

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