New Horizons Project Update

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The New Horizons project selected two scholarships for 2011 which were given to Eldy Carcamo who graduated from the Instituto Polivalente, and Heydi Banegas from the Instituto El Rey. However, due to University admission dates and policy, they will not be able to start school this year; the admissions tests only take place in December.

A committee was setup in order to choose the qualified candidates for the two scholarships and meeting weekly during February and March of 2011. The committee was headed by the President of the local governing bodies of El Pital, Toncontin, Urraco and El Paraiso, a representative from the Instituto Polivalente and Instituto El Rey, as well as a representative from Guarama and Un Mundo.

This committee was responsible for deciding who were the two best candidates according to their profile and requirements established by themselves with the approval of Un Mundo. The process of candidate selection by the committee consisted in the following: 1)Socialization of the project with the committee. 2)Revise and develop the project. 3)Orient the candidates’ parents and the aspiring scholarship applicants about the project. 4) Review all curriculums 5) Interview applicants 6)Home visits and social economic investigations 7)Selecting and approving the best candidates

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