Special Education and Health Project Update

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The special education program started off with 15 children in 2011. These children are from the following communities: Urraco, Toncontin, Yaruca, Los Limpios, El Pital, La Lucinda, Las Mangas and El Naranjo. However, two children have not been able to continue in the program. The first was Jenifer Molina, who after two evaluations done by the Emilia D’Cuire school, was found apt to attend traditional schools and was not allowed to continue in the program. The second, Esteban Solis, who has been in the project since 2009, was not allowed to continue in the program because the school does not allow parents to accompany the children during classes and his mother did not accept this rule. The school only allows parents to accompany their children to school if the child’s handicap calls for their company because they want to promote the child’s independence.
Currently, the children in the program are: Maylin Banegas and Maynor Méndez from El Pital. Elida Hernández and Carlos Fúnez from La Lucinda. Yerson Domínguez and Nelson Anchecta from Las Mangas. Dayana Acosta from El Naranjo. Zenia Madrigales and Guillermo Hernández from Toncontin. Orlin Arias and Lucas Pérez from Urraco. Mercy Maradiaga and Keidel Lemus from Yaruca. The children’s parents have been meeting the last Sunday of each month to plan, track and execute activities that contribute to the success of the program. The board of directors for the project for 2011 consists of the following individuals: Adalida Banegas- President, Relli Castro- Vice-President, Patricia Carcamo- Secretary, Lourdes Solis- Treasurer, and Francisca Carias- Fiscal.

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