Arts & Cultural Festival Update

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General Information
Despite not having received funds or one positive funding request, in April of 2011 we decided to hold another arts and cultural festival due to the high demand and interest from the part of the communities. Kency Cantillano, former Un Mundo practicum student offered to volunteer and Benjamin Henle, former Festival coordinate both offered their time to coordinate the Project for three month, allowing for the planning to be done with much detail and success. We also tightened the budget was to accomplish project goals with limited funds.
We received applications and interest from artists from all over the world, and in the end we selected two artists from Oaxaca, three from Tegucigalpa, three from La Ceiba and one from the Cangrejal Valley community of Las Mangas.
Each artist was placed in a different community and school where they spent three weeks developing a Project with selected students. Leading up to the arrival of the artista, Un Mundo staff meet with all the school directors and supporting teachers regarding the Project and the expectation and requirements of each school. Additionally the support committee worked on the planning for food sales during the final event, each community building a small hut to publicize their community. We also identified and partnered with various organizations, small business and non-profits who participated in the final culminating event.
Although we solicited over 30 or more organizations and individuals for sponsorships locally, nationally and internationally, we only received positive responses from National Institute of Youth, Secretary of Arts, Culture and Sports and Dole Fruit
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