High School Project Update

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General Information
The construction of the workshop phase of IOPEPM high school commenced in late April. Over the past three months, the construction has focused primary on the preparation of the land and the underground drainage system which will protect the building from risk in the future . The Transparency Committee is meeting every Friday at 4pm with Un Mundo’s project directors for planning of the activities for the following week. Additionally, the committee has been preparing financial and narrative reports at the completion of every $5000 disbursement which is being submitted and approved by both Un Mundo and Minke. In early May, Minke held a radio-a-thon fundraiser for the project, where live phone interviews were carried out on the radio with Un Mundo staff and Transparency Committee members. The transparency committee is a group that has developed much autonomy in making decisions, having great independence and ability to function on their own.
Currently the workers, who are all local community members are paid daily L170 for helpers and L300 for brick-layers. Since this payment is lower than minimum wage, each worker is donating L30 of their labor for ever day worked, in addition to one full day a week of donated labor
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