Library Project Update

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General Information
The library Project consists of a Board of Directors and support committee, with the objective of constructing a community library in El Pital, which will be located above the existing kindergarden. Due to the site chosen for the construction, the project objectives were redefined and the infrastructural phases of the project will include the construction of the library, in addition to reconstruction of the kindergarden.
The Board of Director has begun over the past few months a series of training with the objective of strengthening the group organization and improving their functionality. Additionally the board have obtained with the collaboration of the municipality a document signed by legal authorizes giving positive approval and foresight for the construction of the library in the area proposed and authorizing the land to be used for the proposed purposes.
It is important to mention that over the past few months, the Board of Directors has continued to work more closely and unified with the kindergarden’s committee of parents with the idea of uniting forces to work for the same cause. Currently, the two groups are holding various meeting and trainings together, have begun to work on the floor plans for the two spaces and are planning fundraising activities together during the next few months. The two groups recently defined their visión and misión and objectivs for the short, médium and long-term, which will useful for the development and planning of the project.
The Honduran Secretary for the Arts, Culture and Sports recently granted a large book donation, which had been solicited by Un Mundo.
Local volunteers, Durkis Acosta and youth Melvin Reyes, Denny and Danny Perez have continued to offer monthly story time in El Pital the first Sunday of each month. In May the group of volunteers was joined by the Un Mundo practicum students who prepared a play for the kids, making it one of the better story-time activities. In June, attendance was so low that the activity was canceled and in July there was no story-time due to date conflicts with the arts and cultural festival.
In the month of April the above volunteers carried out the bibliobandido activity in the community of Los Planes, traveling 8 hours round trip – on foot to reach the most remote school in the Valley. In May Bibliobandido visited the school of Japon, completing the first round of visits to the remote schools of the Valley. Since completion of first visits to all the schools in June, Bibliobandido is being evaluated by current staff and volunteers and will be making improvements and changes to the current programming based on the results. Activities are proposed to resume in September 2011.
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