Practicum Students 2011 – A Walk Down Memory Lane by Elias Dubon

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During May and June of 2011, I had the opportunity to orient the four practicum students from the local high school Polivalente Elvira Pineda Madrid Institute, whom were working in the Un Mundo office.

It was an interesting experience for me working with them because less than a year ago, I too was a practicum student for Un Mundo, therefore witnessing their arrival made me aware of how much I have learned and grown from my experience with the organization in my short time, to such an extent that I was able to play a significant role in their training and preparation with the organization.

I remember very clearly arriving for my practicum last year shy and scared to talk, not being able to fully express myself to the group, however over the course of my practicum I achieved many experiences in the projects on which I was working in the various communities helping me overcome some of my initial fears.

When the new group of practicum students began their work with us at Un Mundo, the Un Mundo Directors gave me a work plan to orient the new students over a weeks time, putting me in charge of leading the large majority of the orientation.  While orienting the practicum students, I realized how much I have learned since I graduated, which has been due to my experiences working with all the rural communities in the Valley.  The experience made me feel so proud of myself and the individuals around me helping me to be a better person, understanding Un Mundo better and strengtheninng my ability to be a leader in my own community.

Many of the projects I manage are in my own community of residence, which allows me to be an example for the rest of the community and particularly for the youth people in El Pital. Un Mundo has allowed me to have so many amazing experiences, teaching me how to be my best self, working with adult and children helping them to have a better future, with the ultimate goal of having a more unified cangrejal valley.

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