Special Education Project Update

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General Information
The Special Education and Health Association of the Cangrejal Valley (ASEC) is currently composed of 13 children, 7 boys and 6 girls.
During this past quarter, Carolos Alfredo, one of the participating children, who has been unable to attend school this year due to severe convulsions, was brought to a specialist. The specialist prescribed medication, which after a few weeks his mother found was not working as he continued to convulse, some days worse than before. Finally, he was brought back to the specialist and prescribed different medications which to date seem to be improving his condition. The doctors also shared with Alfredo’s mother a plan for controlling the application of his medication.
The parent committee for this project recently created their organization bylaws which will allow them to be able to solicit for legal ngo corporation in Honduras. Additionally the land commission of the project has been wrking on identifying donated land for the local school and clinic that the group would like to construct in the coming years. Three pieces of land have been identified and offered by local government groups or land owners in El Naranjo, Las Mangas and Toncontin.
We also received $5000 grant from SG Foundation for the continuation of the project this year. Additionally the SG Foundation has agreed to give another $4000 if Un Mundo can first raise an additional $4000 for the project this year. In the case that the $4000 is not raised, SG will grant Un Mundo $1 for every additional dollar raised.

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