Arts & Cultural Project ”ARTE_RIO 2011” Update

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The culminating festival for ARTE_RIO 2011 was held on July 3rd, 2011 where over 1000 people attended from all the communities throughout the Cangrejal, La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa and other parts of the country.

In addition to the nine elementary schools in the Valley, we had the participation of six additional artists (One Love, Garifuna Dance Group, Circulo Juvenil de Tambores and others) that concluded our day of presentations on local culture and history, as well as the presence of our project sponsors the Secretary of Arts, Culture and Sports of Honduras, Dole Fruit (L20,000) and the National Institute of Youth (L10,000).

The following presentations/workshops were made on behalf of each school:
  • Urraco: mural project by Ivan Franco from Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Japon: designed models/figures using plants and sustainable materials which was led by Emanual Franco, Mexican artist from Oaxaca
  • Toncontin: painting workshop led by Brenda Ponce, from La Ceiba
  • El Paraiso: Created two songs and music about their community and produced the song on CD for all the kids.  This workshop was led by Obed Mejia, local musician from La Ceiba.
  • Yaruca and Rio Viejo: literature workshops on story-telling and book making by artists Katia Erasmo and Claudia Sanchez both from Tegucigalpa
  • El Pital: designed a graffiti art project and developed a dance by Melva Moreno a local artist from La Ceiba
  • Las Mangas: photography project with the help of the organization Guaruma and local photographer Javier Anchecta, native of Las MangasEl Naranjo: paint and literature workshop conducted by Diana Vallejo an artist from Tegucigalpa
On top of many hours of planning and meetings by the representatives of each community that served on our planning committee, three communities in the Cangrejal helped raise money for the project to help cover some of the costs.  Las Mangas raised L1478, El Naranjo L980 and Toncontin raised L500.  During the final event, each community constructed a champa and sold food and promoted other goods from their specific community.

Following the event, we conducted various evaluations with all participants and had numerous reflection sessions.   Based on the results of the information gathered, we have decided that we are going to suspend this project/event for 2012.  After the third year of holding the ARTE_RIO workshop and event, and watching it grow exponentially over the years, we feel that we no longer have the capacity, funds, nor clear enough vision to continue this project without it significantly taking away from our primary focus or on-going projects.  Therefore we will be taking a break for a year, restructuring the project and seeking more sustainable ways to fund and manage this project for the future.

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