Cangrejal Special Education & Health Project Update

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The Special Education and Health Association of the Cangrejal Valley (ASEC – the parent committee) has maintained the same group of children since the beginning of the year.  ASEC have identified the areas of programming to later work on developing the curriculum for the development of a local program in the Cangrejal Valley itself.  Once ASEC has completed the curriculum outline, the Emilia ‘D Cuire School for Special Education has agreed to support the parents with guidance and suggestions to help the parents committee (ASEC) develop a curriculum which fits the needs of their children and the population in the Valley.
The parents of the project have also identified three pieces of property for the local project (an education center and clinic which will be based in the Cangrejal Valley).  There are three potential sites which they are evaluating which are located in El Naranjo, Las Mangas and Toncontin, and they currently feel that the last option in Toncontin is the best option since the piece of land is very large and flat, which is ideal for the needs of the population that is being served.  The three pieces of land have been offered by local government groups or land owners as a donation to ASEC.  Both pieces of land in El Naranjo and Toncontin is owned by the municipality, therefore if these pieces were selected by the group, a solicitation would need to be made to the municipality from the local governing body of these communities, stating where the land is located in order to grant a full title to ASEC.  The land in Las Mangas is in the name of a local church and they would have to change the title and land over to ASEC.  The group is also looking at other land options in Rio Viejo and Yaruca.  In October, a group of parents will visit Wilfredo Almendares (a large land-owner) to make a formal solicitation for land possibilities Yaruca.  In the next parents meeting they will decide which land will be best fit for the project.
The parent group has continued to hold fundraising activities with the objective of guarding funds for whatever emergency that presents itself within the project.  The parents currently have risen about L5000 in the past few months.
The annual expenses of the project have increased significantly due to the school busito (van) having a problem with the motor oil, which has had to be refilled almost every week or two.  Per the recommendation of Rob Tuebner, they recently purchased a brand name oil filter from Nissan, which they are hoping will improve the problem.  If we do not see any improvements, then they will bring the bus to a mechanic once school ends, in the beginning of November.
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