Library Project Update

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The Library committee and the kindergarden committee are working together to achieve the goals of the project which is to remodel and contruct the local kindergarden and construct a community library on top of the kindergarden. Although both groups have been working on these goals, the library committee has showed much more maturity and unity than the kindergarden committee.  Over the past few months, the groups have been working on how to design floor plans or a blue print and a 3D model of the project, which is going to help them develop a project budget.   They have completed the first draft of both the floors plans and 3D model, but after evaluating their plans they are planning to make some adjustments and consider some additional details.  Un Mundo has been recommending that the group consider using more sustainable or ecological materials for the building construction to have less of an impact on the environment and they are currently considering what possibilities exist.
During the months of August and September we have seen a great deal of apathy in both the Library and Kindergarden committee members in regards to attending meetings and completing work for the project’s development.  Due to this situation, Un Mundo drew up an agreement with the two groups with the goal of assuring their attendance, punctuality, participation and in the case of not compiling with the agreement giving Un Mundo grounds for letting go of support of this project.  We hope that this agreement will increase the communities commitment and seriousness for the project, and decrease their dependency on Un Mundo.
Additionally the groups are planning on opening a bank account to assure improved management of project funds.  Similarly to the ASEC, these committees are also working monthly to conduct fundraising activities.  To date, the Library Committee has raised L2180 over the past three months and the kindergarden group has raised L1000.  A part of the agreement created requires that the groups generate between L800-L1200 monthly to help with start-up operational costs for the project.
During the months of July, August and September the bibliobandido activity has not taken place because we have been conducting an evaluation of the project and are working on building a facilitators manual.  Additionally we have been working on orienting, preparing and strengthening the leadership of this project with the goal of creating more community leadership.  The primary leaders of this activity are children or youth ages 12-15.
Monthly story time in El PItal has continued to be offered the first Sunday of every month.  The story time in August and September was very successful which we think is due to the change in the time of the story time being offered, now later and the involvement of new project leadership – one of our scholarship students is now leading this activity, along with a number of young people in El Pital.

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