New Horizons Scholarship Project Update

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The two scholarship students (Eldy and Heidy) have been incorporated into the organization since August, and are working full time on staff.  They have also begun an orientation designed by Un Mundo which covers the admission exam and process, the scholarship and the work that they will be doing with Un Mundo.   We have also drawn up an agreement between Un Mundo and the two scholarship recipients for these first few months from August – December and negotiated a small stipend of L1000, and L50 deposited into a saving fund.  This savings and stipend amount will be for August through December 2011.  Starting in 2012, there will be a L500 increase each year if the results of their evaluations are positive.
Recently both Eldy and Heidy have put in their paperwork to receive their ID cards which will assure that they don’t have problems in the university.  Eldy has already received her ID and Heidy is waiting for hers to be processed.  Eldy has opened a bank account since she received her ID.  Both are visiting the university each week to assure their admission and participation in the admission exam.  Both women have filled out their application in UPNFM with a degree in Natural Sciences.  Initially they had both wanted to study mathematics, but this degree was no longer available for distance learning degrees, therefore they chose Natural Sciences, which will ultimately give them more opportunities in the education sector.  Two individuals have recently been identified to tutor Eldy and Heidy in order to guarantee their passing of the entrance exam.

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