Women’s Group – Brisas del Cangrejal Update

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The Women’s Group group, Brisas del Cangrejal, has stayed active and is currently composed of 11 women.  They have incorporated new women in the group over the past few months, but at the same time there have been a few women who have decided to leave the group for differences among themselves (Sulma Cantillano and Mery Funez).  Others have left due to not having time to attend the weekly meetings.

The group currently consists of Olga Lopez (President), Xiomara Pinto (Vice President), Yolanda Puerto (Secretary), Doris Jovel (Treasurer), Alba Sánchez (Fiscal), Sonia Murillo (Vocal I), Aurelia Guevara (Vocal II). Elsa Polanco, Karen Palencia, Odilia Mencía, Xiomara Chavarría. This group has shown a lot of inconsistency, given that they are always having problems amongst themselves, which has been a result of gossip or autocratic leadership.

This quarter the group received a significant donation of L16,844.80 in the form of tables, chairs, tents, forks, spoons, knives, baking molds, blender, pots and pans, trash cans, a freezer, plates, bowls and cups from CARE International.  All of these materials are in a temporary space that the women are using to sell food.

The women’s group holds food sales activities and fundraisers weekly.  They currently have L611.85.  Additionally they will be each contributing L20 a month starting in September, which will be held in a savings account.  The women are also planning to make a change on the signature for their bank account, to ensure better money management.

There has been a lot of apathy from the women in regards to attending meetings and working on the development of the overall project and raising funds.  In order to improve this situation Un Mundo drew up an agreement with them, similar to the agreement with the library project, to ensure improved participation and attendance and punctuality for meetings.  If the women continue to not follow through on their responsibilities then they are potentially risking losing our support.
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