Making Connections with Water

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In 2011, the El Pital Water Board, in collaboration with Un Mundo and the Santa Clara, California, chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) began investigating the quality of local water sources in the area to determine many of the challenges and causes of water contamination.  Results have shown high levels of contamination and serious strain on the El Pital water system, whose original capacity was for 16 homes, but which now provides potable water for close to 60 homes.

In response to these community struggles, Un Mundo and EWB are supporting the water board to design a comprehensive plan to clean up all water sources through improved black and gray water treatment systems and better solid waste management.  Once in place, these preventive measures will help the community reach its ultimate goal of access to clean drinking water through the construction of a new water system that will serve the 100-plus residents of El Pital, which is projected for 2017.

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