Situations that Can Change the Path Taken

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There are moments and experiences that have the ability impact life for better or for worse, or cause us to do a 360 degree turn, if we don’t carefully reflect on which decision to take. I’ll begin by sharing what happened to me in one of our meetings with the project volunteers…

In our organization, we have a signed agreement with each local community group we work with, saying that if there is a breach or violation of this agreement three times in one year, that Un Mundo will not be able to continue supporting the project.  In February, we had a meeting with the library group, in which the group reached their third breach of the our agreement by only a few members showing up to the meeting, and those that did, arriving on time.  Frustrated and disappoint, I brought this to the groups attention,  however, two members of the group felt disrespected by me and our Project Coordinator for this wake-up call.

After leaving that meeting I felt so upset that I thought of giving up my position as Program Director, not because I am not accustomed to facing difficulties, but because with this group of individuals, we had invested so many resources, efforts, ideas, knowledge … and I left they were not seeing, nor valuing the immense efforts of Un Mundo.

After thinking for three days I decided to demonstrate to myself that every problem has a solution, and I have begun planning ideas to lift the mood of the group and the Un Mundo team, in order to achieve our goals. What would have happened if I had decided to quit? What would the spirit of my team have been like?

This lesson helped me and will continue to help me to always be prepared for any adversity and to reflect on the importance of thinking and deciphering each problem with a cool head and balance before making any decision.

Originally written in Spanish by Denis Espinal, Un Mundo Program Director.

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