WANTED: Bibliobandido!

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The Bibliobandido (library bandit), his Biblioburro (library mule), and his troupe of Bibliobandiditos (mini-bandits/assistants) have continued to circulate in the Cangrejal Valley, bringing books and literacy activities to the most remote villages in the area throughout 2012.

Local witnesses claim that the Bibliobandido has now been sighted twice in most communities in the Valley, once in 2011 and again in 2012. Despite his growing presence in local schools, police have still not been able to catch him, reporting even greater difficulty recently because school children now seem to be conspiring with the Bibliobandido, writing and hiding books in anticipation of his return.

Local communities and police authorities await the construction of the regional public library in the community of El Pital, where all the stories of the region will be housed. Police suspect that once the library is in place, the Bibliobandido will be a frequent visitor, and therefore officers are working with the local library committee to ensure commencement of construction by the end of 2013. The recent donation of land by the local community will help achieve this goal.

For more information on the construction of the local regional library and the adventures of Bibliobandido visit:


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