Long Live the Midwives

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After many years of investigation, and with the help of Un Mundo, Dar a Luz, and local clinics, the midwives of the region finally have begun working to meet their collective goals. They are organizing through monthly meetings; self-advocating in local communities and schools by giving talks about women’s health, pregnancy, and the advantages of home births; raising funds for birthing rooms through monthly activities; and increasing their capacity through quarterly training sessions.

Additionally, Midwife International, an organization that is working to bridge the global maternal health care gap by training the next generation of midwives, will be joining our collaborative efforts beginning in 2013 by sending midwifery students with a mentor to the region to learn and work with the Cangrejal midwives. This partnership aims to promote multiple levels of learning and resource-sharing to support both the students’ educational goals as well as the midwives’ long-term goals.

For more information on Un Mundo’s Midwife Project, Dar a Luz and the Midwife International Midwife Immersion Program please visit:


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