First Weeks with Un Mundo

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My name is Eldy Carcamo.  I am from the community of Toncontin, located in the upper Cangrejal Valley.  I am 19 years old and graduated from the first class of Institute Oficial Polivalente Elvira Pineda Madrid, the high school being built by Un Mundo, in November 2011.  I am a recipient of Un Mundo’s first university scholarship program, New Horizons and began my work in August of 2012. 

When I began as a work-study scholarship student at Un Mundo, I thought that I was never going to be able to accomplish the work that was given to me, and that they would not explain or teach me how to do the work required of me.  But to my surprise, I have learned so much in this short time with Un Mundo and I think that I will never stop learning because each day is a new learning experience. 

The first few weeks I began my orientation where they explained to me how to use the office equipment, how the organization operates and what are all the projects that Un Mundo manages.  After a few weeks, I was assigned to help out on a few projects such as the Bibliobandido and Viva La Partera (Midwife Project).  Even though I am not specifically working on this project, the project that interests me the most is the Special Education and Health Project because before working for Un Mundo, I had never had the opportunity to cross paths, plan or work with children with special needs because I was afraid.  But now I have learned that these children deserve the same treatment, respect and consideration that any other child does and just because they have a difficulty doesn’t mean they are any less of a human-being. 

In addition to this learning, I have also begun to develop my abilities to speak in front of other people that are not from my own community, or how to form relationships with different types of people despite their level of education or social situation. I have achieved things that I never thought could accomplish with  few difficulties due to the orientation and training that I have received.  One example is how to be a facilitator and speak with various types of people, has helped me to feel liberated.  There have been a few moments when I felt like I can’t do it anymore because I have never worked like this before, nor have I ever had so many responsibilities, but now that I am getting use to everything with Un Mundo, I am beginning to feel much better, realizing that I am doing something important for my life and for my community, and am developing a new level of independence for myself.
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  1. Brayan Santiago says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Eldy! It makes me happy to see that you are interested in doing something important in your community.

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