Special Needs Project Obtains Land!

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In 2011, after three years of sending students to a Special Needs school in nearby La Ceiba, the now very organized Association of Special Education and Health in the Cangrejal (formerly the Parents Committee) is pursuing their vision of a local center in the Cangrejal Valley to serve the specialized health, educational, and vocational needs of the region.

As the Cangrejal Special Education and Health Project and its vision have expanded, so has support throughout the Cangrejal Valley.  Local governing bodies and charitable groups in the valley have offered land and other resources to help the group realize their vision, bringing great motivation to Un Mundo and the parents.  After analyzing numerous land offers, this dream was further solidified in 2012 by joining efforts with Healing Place Church, which offered to donate land in the community of Las Mangas to support short- and long-term project goals and needs.

In addition to offering land, Healing Place Church has also offered support to the parents to renovate and furnish the dilapidated building on the property for use as a starter for the local Special Education School, targeted to open in 2014.

This project NEEDS YOUR sponsorship of $50-$100 for one Special Needs student to support their final year of attendance to the special needs school in La Ceiba. This is necessary to keep the kids in school before building their local school.  Click here to review student profiles and set-up your monthly sponsorship!!!

For more information on the Special Education and Health Project visit our website at: www.unmundo.org/projects/public-health/cangrejal-special-education.

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