Integration & Inclusion Successes

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fotos para la eleccion de la junta directiva de ASEC 037Guillermo is one of the original children that formed part of the Cangrejal Special Education and Health Program (CSEHP) back in 2010. Son to a single mother, Guillermo has epilepsy and cerebral palsy, which cause physical disabilities particularly affecting mobility in his legs and feet. He has also demonstrated global delays and learning disabilities. With Un Mundo’s help, Guillermo received major surgery in 2012 on his foot and leg, elongating his Aquilles tendon which has helped him walk better and improve his body balance. He recently completed 5 years as a project participant, and has made significant improvements through his participation in the CSEHP, particularly this past year.

After 4 years studying at the school for special education, at age 13, Guillermo was integrated into the 1st grade in a traditional school in his community in 2014. This year he has mastered basic reading, writing, adding, subtraction, multiplication and division, well beyond the level of his fellow students. Being in a traditional school has transformed Guillermo’s social skills and drastically increased his self-esteem. He is more extroverted and relates better with others. In fact he has become very popular with other students, especially due to his advanced intelligence and maturity, and is often called upon to tutor and help other classmates. In return other students help him mobilize himself around the school grounds, help him when he falls, or accompany him to his house. Guillermo has also discovered he has many artistic talents, learning to draw and paint very well. He had the opportunity to take a music class with Un Mundo in 2013, which was a special experience, given his passion for singing. With this new level of acceptance in his community and excelling academically, Guillermo has gained a new level of independence as he moves into his teenage years, walking himself to school, running errands for his mother and making new friends.

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