Leading Lady for Literacy in El Pital

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Lourdes Ponce, an El Pital resident, believes in literacy access for all individuals, despite their age or capacity. She has been a leading advocator for literacy development in her community for years. She participated in the very first library trainings given by the Reicken Foundation in 2009; she helped launch the first ever bibliobandido visit back in 2010; and she has served as president and vice president of the board of directors of the library project for multiple years. With dreams of a real library still far on the horizon, Lourdes wanted to make literacy programming regularly available in her community by opening a temporary library space, where individuals can could receive literacy support and access resources during after-school hours. With the help of Un Mundo, Lourdes and other committed citizens have been volunteering their time since May 2014 to make this space available to the local community.


In 2015, with support increasing for the library program, Lourdes has been hired as the first community librarian, and will be continuing to make literacy resources and tutoring available 5 days a week in the temporary library space. Additionally, Lourdes has three new literacy promoters who will be promoting literacy in 3 of the most remote schools in the region through our mobile library program bibliobandido during the 2015 academic year.

Quote: “The library program is strengthening capacity and behavior in local children. I myself, as the librarian have acquired knowledge and skills that I didn’t even know I had, which in itself has improved my own self-esteem.”

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