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Leading Lady for Literacy in El Pital

Lourdes Ponce, an El Pital resident, believes in literacy access for all individuals, despite their age or capacity. She has been a leading advocator for literacy development in her community for years. She participated in the very first library trainings given by … Continue reading

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Water is Life

In the Cangrejal Region, water is a precious resource, especially in communities like El Pital. While most community members in El Pital have faucets on their properties, the water quantity is often limited and quality is not adequate for drinking. The present … Continue reading

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Integration & Inclusion Successes

Guillermo is one of the original children that formed part of the Cangrejal Special Education and Health Program (CSEHP) back in 2010. Son to a single mother, Guillermo has epilepsy and cerebral palsy, which cause physical disabilities particularly affecting mobility in his … Continue reading

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Special Education and Health Project Update

The special education program started off with 15 children in 2011. These children are from the following communities: Urraco, Toncontin, Yaruca, Los Limpios, El Pital, La Lucinda, Las Mangas and El Naranjo. However, two children have not been able to … Continue reading

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