Insight Trip

This trip is aimed at exposing your group to the work that Un Mundo does and the communities in which we work, while providing a relaxing gettaway for you to integrate what you have witnessed and rejuivinate before returning home. See Un Mundo's participatory model in action, engage in cultural exchange with the local community, and explore the natural beauty of Honduras in this illuminating gettaway.

This trip is geared toward Un Mundo's current or potential supporters and donors.


  • Witness the transformational work that Un Mundo is doing in the Cangrejal Valley
  • Learn about local Honduran culture and life
  • Engage in a dynamic cultural exchange with local communities
  • Explore and learn about Mayan life and culture at the Copan Ruinas
  • Relax with yoga and spa treatments at nearby resorts
  • Visit breath-taking waterfalls
  • Explore the second largest barrier reef (snorkeling and diving optional)

Possible Itinerary:

  • 2-3 days in the famous Copan Ruinas learning about Mayan cuture and tradition
  • 3 days in the Cangrejal Valley, learning about Un Mundo projects, meeting and connecting with local residents
  • 2 days in the spectacular Cayos Cuchinos staying at the Marine Biological Reserve learning and experiencing the flora and fauna of this small archipelago located on the worlds second largest barrier reef
  • 1 afternoon and evening in Sambo Creek learning traditional Garifuna culture

Length: 7-10 days

Maximum Participants: 10

Cost: Please inquire. Cost is per person and includes cost for includes all in-country fees such as lodging, food, transport, translation, exchanges and excursions, as well a contribution to Un Mundo’s work. Will not including flights to Honduras, nor exit or entry fees.


Las Cascadas
Hacienda San Lucas