Library and Literacy Program

Aside from the one-shelf libraries in just 3 of the 22 Cangrejal Valley schools, there have historically been no consistent opportunities for children or adults to develop their reading abilities in this rural region of Honduras. While it is known that literacy is an important factor in ending the cycle of poverty, unfortunately, local teachers continue to site access to books as one of the greatest needs in their classrooms.

Developed in response to needs identified by community leaders, the Library and Literacy Program is the development of the first library and rural bookmobile program, created to promote literacy and innovative community development in the Cangrejal Valley. The main resource center will be an ecological, community-designed library based in El Pital, where a diverse collection of books, online and digital media resources will be available. in addition to these resources, dynamic programming. The mobile library project, which is called The Legend of the Bibliobandido, travels by burro throughout the region to lend books and increase literacy of families in the isolated, remote rural villages.

More than simply a room where books are kept, the Library and Literacy Program supports the communities of the Cangrejal through:

  • A captivating story tale that encourages active reading and writing in children and adults alike;
  • A library with open hours that accommodate the working schedule of adults and seniors
  • An after school drop-in venue where students can receive literacy tutoring and resources in a comfortable and safe setting that may be more conducive to studying than their own homes.
  • Active programming to promote literacy including adult literacy classes, creative writing, bookmaking workshops, visiting writers, storytelling hour, etc.
  • Resources and support for teachers so that they may fill the gaps left by the public school system.

Ultimately, the various facets of this project are intended to boost literacy rates among youth and adults, improve school attendance, position arts as a window to other aspects of learning and the world through interdisciplinary arts programs, and introduce vocationally-relevant, critical thinking skills through diverse exposure to the arts. Providing innovative strategies and a culture dedicated to promoting the ongoing stewardship of educational resources, the Library and Literacy Program encourages active community participation and individual agency.

To learn more about the story of El Bibliobandido, read "Those who don't feed him stories, beware!"

Help us establish the new resource library!

Land has been donated by the community to construct next to the elementary school building.  Innovative floor plans and designs have been developed by the local community board. Construction is projected to begin as soon as funding is obtained for the infrastructure, largely using local and recycled materials, passive solar energy, composting toilets, and rain-water collective, the space itself being a source of education about appropriate environmental construction. Donate today!