ARTE_RIO Annual Arts and Cultural Festival

ARTE_RIO has been designed to support primary school students to cultivate stronger cultural identity and pride in the region, strengthening the connection between the communities and their natural environment. The event is an annual multi-arts festival that introduces global cultural perspectives, honors local traditions and documents regional history using music, poetry, dance, theater, photography, film and other visual arts. Students learn how art is used around the world to distinguish cultural characteristics as well as to document history, and specifically looking at Honduras’ and the Cangrejal Valley.  Through the workshops, students apply learned skills to document their own stories and community histories utilizing a specific art form.

In both content and process, ARTE_RIO is an educational experience promoting self-determination, through workshops and a festival that stimulates creativity by critically exploring historical and cultural themes that force people to reconsider their relation to their self, others, and environment.

At the end of the workshops a culminating event is held in the community of El Pital, featuring presentations by each participating school and educating the larger population of the Cangrejal Valley about the history of the region. In addition to demonstrations from the participating students, other local artists, artisans and cultural groups are invited to perform, providing an opportunity for local community members to sell food, drinks, handcrafts and other local goods.

ARTE_RIO is a collaborative event orchestrated by Un Mundo staff and volunteers, and made possible by the collective efforts of local and international community organizations, individuals, and schools. Local and international professional artists are paired with selected elementary schools located throughout the Cangrejal Valley and work with students at each school. Partner organizations such as Arte Acción, Guaruma, REV-, and BreakArts have joined Un Mundo along with professional artists such as Haitian-painter, Myriam Piquion, Honduran writer Diana Vallejo, and Mexican painter Hector Martinez to facilitate distinct workshops throughout the Cangrejal Valley.