Library Project History Timeline


  • Library and literacy bookmaking workshop was taught by artist Marisa Jahn
  • Donations of 150 books


  • “Visions Committee” was formed and began organizing themselves and formalizing their vision for the library project. The group received two trainings from a representative of the Reicken Foundation, began conducting fundraising activities, organized and collected library books, constructed the first book shelf and tables and opened a temporary space for the library in the local high school.
  • 200 books donated to project
  • Under the guidance of Un Mundo education coordinator Brian Goetz, two high school students developed a monthly story-time in El Pital that continues today.


  • Visions Committee formed a board of directors, which specific roles and responsibilities
  • Continuation of monthly story-time in El Pital
  • Selection of library site
  • Began process of titlization of land
  • Creation and launching of the Bibliobandido project and visitation of five remote