New Horizons Scholarship Program

New Horizons is a leadership training scholarship program for low-income youth from the Cangrejal Valley that grants selected students the opportunity to work for Un Mundo while simultaneously studying a related degree at a public university in La Ceiba. The primary long-term objective for this project is to encourage sustainable development practices on a local and organizational level, by training youth to become leaders within their own communities.

Throughout the program, students learn to manage and administer existing Un Mundo projects, conduct and compile in-depth community assessments, facilitate their own community to develop and design a new project, gain access and skills to generate necessary project funds and be trained in project management and implementation. 

We partner with education systems that are developed for students who are working professionals, giving them the option to work full time. Students are selected by a committee comprised of local governance representatives, two local organizations and teachers from the local high schools from which the applicants graduated.

The scholarship, granted by Un Mundo to select applicants, will cover the following costs:

  • Entrance and registration Fees
  • Books and Reading materials for classes and school supplies or materials
  • Transportation to and from class and work
  • Lodging (one night each weekend they have class) and food during the days they have class in the city  
  • Monthly Stipend 

To maintain the scholarship, recipients work and participate in on-going trainings with Un Mundo, as their full-time job throughout their university career.  The scholarship recipients’ role in the organization grows over time, each year building on the previous year, using their academic skills to apply to their field work with Un Mundo and vice versa.  Students will finalize their degrees and service with Un Mundo by assessing, designing and implementing a project benefiting the social good of their local community, which will be developed over the latter three years of their degree.  

Congratulations to Eldy Carcamo, Un Mundo's first New Horizons scholar.  

To sponsor Eldy or another New Horizons scholar, visit Network for Good to set-up a monthly contribution of $50-$100 dollars or contact