New Horizons Scholarship Profile - Eldy Cárcamo

Eldy_mediocuerpo.jpgEldy Cárcamo was born in Toncontin, Atlántida. She is nineteen years old and is single. She has nine siblings: four sisters and five brothers. Her parents work in agriculture and harvest various types of vegetables.

Finishing their studies has been very difficult because she has encountered many difficulties along the way. But for Eldy being successful in life is very important. One of these difficulties that she has had is that she was not able to graduate from kinder garden because Hurricane Mitch hit the month of her graduation and she was unable to obtain her kinder garden diploma.

She attended the Ramón Rosa Elementary School of Toncontin. Then in 2004, she began her studies in the Minerva Middle School in the village of Yaruca, which was a great sacrifice because she lacked the means for transportation and had to walk for long distances alone to get to the town where the middle school was located. After completing middle school, she felt the desire to continue studying, and although her parents did not have the economic means to help her because her younger siblings were still in elementary school and her parents, she looked for a way to continue her studies.

She enrolled at Elvira Pineda Madrid High School in El Pital, the high school being built by the  Un Mundo, where she obtained her high school degree in letters and sciences, as well as computer technician. Eldy has experience working with children and teenagers as well as working in beautification projects in her community. She is also one of the first winning candidates for scholarships to pursue a university degree through the Un Mundo New Horizons project.