Women's Development

Honduras is a country which suffers from large-scale gender inequalities compounded by deep rooted violence and sexism against women.  According to IFAD, the income of households headed by women in rural areas is about 30 per cent less than that of households headed by men and only 30-40% of Honduran women in the paid labor force. There is a lack of participation by women in business and community projects such as water and resource management due to illiteracy, male dominant work environment, lack of confidence and multiple family responsibilities. Additionally, these complex issues comprise women's health and ability to care for themselves and their families.

There is a strong need for a program focused on increasing women’s opportunities for self-sufficiency in a region which suffers gender inequality, lack of economic opportunities for women, and maternal and infant mortality. We are engaging local women throughout the entire region to research the needs and solutions and then jointly develop a multi-disciplinary program for rural women. 

The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen the health, education, and political, social, cultural and economic leadership and participation of women in the region. Currently this effort is in the research and development phase.  Depending on research and decision made by planning committee, potential program activities for the program include: Participation in natural resource management, Capacity building and practice with business development, Establishment of small businesses, savings programs, community banks, Assist midwives in expanding their services and access to materials, Clean/healthy spaces for birthing in each community, Scholarships for women, Education programs for lobbying, trainings for midwives, Leadership trainings, and Gender equality trainings.